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We understand the importance of data, research and insights in helping Rotorua businesses make better, more informed decisions. We have a wide range of data and research available for all to use. This includes data and research relating to the tourism sector (link to Tourism Sector: Data & Research) and also the broader Rotorua economy (link to Rotorua Economy: Data & Research).

Our Business Pulse Survey is held every six months and is completed by Rotorua business leaders. This provides a great overview of the sentiment of Rotorua businesses and where the opportunities and challenges in the city are. 

Clear as Mud is a predominantly tourism-focused blog which aims to simply explain some of the data and trends in the sector. It's easy to read and updated every few weeks. 

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Rotorua Economy: Data and Research

Data and research about the local Rotorua economy. It contains a combination of links to external sources relating to the Rotorua economy and work conducted in-house by RotoruaNZ. 

Tourism Sector: Data and Research

On this page you will find data and research about the Rotorua tourism industry. This includes dashboards, market share calculators, research studies, snapshots and much more. 

Business Pulse Survey

This is where you can sign up for our six-monthly business confidence programme, which takes a pulse of Rotorua business leaders. You can view previous pulse reports here too.

Business Pulse Dashboard

This is where you can view an interactive dashboard with all the Business Pulse results including comments. 

Clear as Mud

Clear as Mud is a blog from RotoruaNZ Insights Team, focused on tourism-related insights. 

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